Fibertech Communications, Inc.
6424 Derry Street, Harrisburg, PA  17111
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Company Introduction
Project Management


Fibertech can assist you in determining the communications infrastructure that is best suited to meet your company’s operation and budgetary requirements.  One of our trained design/estimating professionals will meet with you at your convenience to discuss your company’s unique project requirements.  They will also conduct a thorough site investigation to gather any additional information needed to put together a cabling & hardware solution that will meet your company’s needs.

Fibertech's design capabilities encompass the following areas: 

  • Copper and fiber optic cable infrastructures for voice, data, audio/video & security systems

  • Copper and fiber optic outside plant cable (aerial & underground)

  • Telecom Closet Layouts

  • Audio and overhead paging systems

  • Access control systems

  • Phone and video system hardware (in conjunction with our strategic specialty contractor partners)

  • Network integration and wireless LAN and WAN applications (in conjunction with our strategic computer consultant partners)