Fibertech Communications, Inc.
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Company Introduction
Project Management


Fibertech is qualified to install and certify both copper and fiber optic communications cable infrastructures.  This includes Category 3, 5e, & 6 copper cabling, coax cabling, as well as single mode & multimode fiber optic cabling.   

Identification Schemes
Fibertech provides quality copper and fiber optic cable installations that can be customized to suit the unique needs your organization.  We can install a cable system that is color coded and labeled in conjunction with your existing identification scheme or we can assist you in creating a scheme.  Refer to the photos above depicting a voice & data network that consists of color coded cable, jacks, and patch cords.  You will see that each cable, wall plate, and patch panel port is uniquely labeled which makes every day use and maintenance of these systems a breeze.
Fibertech's standard installation practice is to test every cable to ensure that they each pass industry standards for the particular cable infrastructure being implemented.  We utilize the latest in cable testing technology by Fluke Networks, which allows us to test and/or certify Category 5e & Category 6 copper cabling as well as single mode & multimode fiber optic cabling.



Fibertech not only provides quality communications cable installations, but we also strive to provide the best service possible after the initial installation is complete.  We are so confident about the quality of our installations that we automatically warrant our workmanship for a period of five years, 5 times the industry average.  We also offer extended manufacturer warranties that range from 20 years of coverage to coverage that spans the lifetime of your cable system.


Closeout Documentation
Fibertech will provide your organization with a project closeout documentation package at the completion of your job.  This package will contain the following information.
  1. Cable test results
  2. As-built drawings indicating cable drop locations and labeling schemes
  3. Any warranty paperwork
  4. Any required product submittal information

We are committed to closing out each and every project with the goal of complete customer satisfaction.  You can be confident that your cable installation will be well organized and documented with identification schemes, test results, drawings, and all appropriate warranty information.