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All communications networks require service and support of their cable infrastructures.  Even the best communications hardware will not work efficiently if the cable infrastructure supporting it is not installed and maintained properly.  Therefore, do not trust the heart and soul of your communications networks to amateurs!  Let the professional staff at Fibertech assist you in properly maintaining your communications cable infrastructures.

Many businesses have the need and finances to employ an IT staff to handle their communications hardware and software needs, but most businesses do not employ individuals that are qualified to make changes to the cable infrastructures of their communications networks.  Fibertech can alleviate this problem and help your organization properly maintain its communications cable infrastructures by assisting with such tasks as:

  • moving an individual to a different office,
  • adding an employee to the network,
  • or updating an entire cable infrastructure to catch up with technology or meet new operational needs.

Fibertech also offers your organization the advantage of customizing a “Preventive Maintenance” service contract to periodically access your cable infrastructures and fix potential problems before they adversely affect the integrity of your network.  Preventive maintenance can limit unnecessary network downtime and costly service calls that may be required if the problem goes unnoticed.

For example, one of our clients did not properly utilize the wire management in their main Telecom Closet (see photos above).  As a result it became very difficult to maintain the network with regards to moves, adds, and changes.  Fibertech assisted them in reorganizing the rack layouts and rerouting all the patch cords to properly utilize the horizontal and vertical wire management.  If this customer had a preventive maintenance contract this problem would have been alleviated long before it required the clean-up effort that we eventually performed.